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Leather Restoration

Mobile Car Leather Restoration Professional in Cotswolds

MOBI is professionally accredited by Colourlock, a manufacturer of premium leather care products and leather repair services.

Our leather restoration service has built a reputation for providing immaculate expertise and knowledge, offering a complete solution to return your leather upholstery to its original, pristine condition.

porsche steering wheel restoration_edite

If you need to repair your torn, scuffed or scratched leather upholstery we can repair and 100% colour match the original colour of your upholstery.

Our latest leather restoraton project: Ferrari 456

This Ferarri 456's interior was in a sorry state. The upholstery was damaged by a dog and years of carefree use. We extensively cleaned the upholstery, filled all imperfections, matched and recoloured all upholstery to a beautiful matte finish to delight the owner.





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  • How do you colour match?
    A 100% colour match is achieved by ordering the required colour straight from Colourlock using a vehicles VIN number or sample in case the colour is custom. The colour will be mixed exclusively for the vehicle and for your service. As the service is individual and exclusive to your vehicle please get in touch for a quote.
  • Where do you do this service?
    We are fully equipped to come to you to carry out leather repair and recolouring. However for large restoration projects such as full interior repair & recolouring a custom solution will be made as such projects can take up to or more than a week to complete.
Leather Care & Repair

Please describe the state of your leather upholstery and the services you would like to enquire about.

By Appointment Only
Please book at least one week in advance

Phone: 07935 565400 (10AM - 5PM for calls)

Get in touch

Please provide us with basic information about yourself, your vehicle and your enquiry.

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