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Mobile Valeting & Detailing in the Cotswolds

Valeting & Detailing

For Motorhomes & Caravans

AutoGlym Registered Operator, Accredited Detailer MobiValetingDetailing, mobile valeting and detailing, car, motorcycle, motorhome and caravan service in Gloucestershire, Cotswolds
Buerstner motorhome with a Mobi ValetingDetailing custom plate



Roof to wheel full wash, dressing and protection.

From 1.5 hours

Service - Prices - What's included

Additional Services

Interior cleaning

£20 motorhome drivers cabin with a bundle

Cleaning of all driver and passenger seats, drivers cabin and windows.

We don't offer cleaning of the whole interior.

Headlight Restoration

From £70 per pair

We will improve your night visibility, cleanse the headlight off scratches and scuffs and coat it with our surface sealant easy clean coating that filters out 98% of UVA rays to ensure durability and long term resistance to yellowing.

Engine clean & refresh

£25 with a bundle

an additional charge may apply for older cabs

Renew the look of your engine bay with a showroom finish

All electronics are sealed. 

This is not a steam cleaning service.

Lifeshine Interior Protection


The upholstery and carpet will be treated with AutoGlym Lifeshine water-repellent coating for protection against spillages.

Additional Services
Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating properties, 9H scratch, chemical and UV+ weather resistance, high gloss, environmental pollution protection, hydrophobic properties.
Coating Farm Ceramics Logo

Ceramic Coating for Motorhomes



What are the benefits of ceramic coating on your motorhome or caravan?

  1. High Gloss

  2. UV+ Weather Resistance: to protect the fibreglass from discolouration 

  3. Hydrophobic: to ensure ease of cleaning in the future

  4. 9H Scratch Resistance

As a Coating Farm Ceramics accredited mobile detailer we are able to offer you next generation ceramic coating ranging and a full after care service that covers provision of an after kit and coating durability maintenance service. 

White ceramic coated Fiat Ducato van with a Coating Farm Ceramics bottle on a microfibre and Mobi ValetingDetailing custom plate



From 3 hours

Full wash and decontamination bundle
with Bodyguard ceramic coating application.

Service - Prices - What's included


Professional Leather Care & Repair (Renovation)

Colourlock Leather Repair BMW Z4

We are professionally trained by Colourlock, manufacturers of premium leather care products.

Repair of torn, scuffed and scratched leather upholstery with a 100% colour match recolouring to the original colour of your upholstery.

A 100% colour match is achieved by ordering the required colour straight from Colourlock using a vehicles VIN number or factory leather colour name, the colour will be mixed exclusively for the vehicle and for this service. As the service is individual and exclusive to your vehicle we are not able to present a list of prices. Please contact us for pricing.

BMW 5 Series beige leather seat with a dirty and cleaned split and Colourlock leather cleaning product

Leather Cleaning & Protecting or Shielding
£10.00 per seat

We will apply the professional Colourlock leather cleaner to degrease and prepare the leather for treatment with leather protectant or shield.
Please choose which treatment you would like carried out.

Recommended treatment for vehicles that are over 5 years old.
Treatment to protect full-grain and coated leathers from dryness and UV.
After treatment this renews the leather colour to its original condition and to a matt new look. 

Recommended treatment for new or nearly new vehicles.
Treatment to prevent friction damage and discolouration caused from interaction with other fabrics such as jeans.

The price includes treatment of leather door trim.
This treatment is only for full-grain and coated leather.

Leather Care
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